Wales Rugby League has made it compulsory for all players and all parents of junior players, of all Wales’s professional, community clubs, schools and national sides, to attend talks on anti-doping in sport.

This initiative was originally led by WRL CEO Gareth Kear, who is a qualified UK Anti-doping sports educator The initiative to attend a presentation on anti-doping and also on concussion (brain injury awareness), made Wales Rugby League the first national governing body to do this.

WRL prides itself on being a clean sport and works hard to maintain its image. It is committed to ensuring that high standards are set for fair play and a drug-free sport while protecting the spirit of the game. It’s doing this by increasing the level of awareness of all anti-doping issues. Wales Rugby League want to create a generation of players who have confidence in their ability to succeed in Rugby League without the misuse of prohibited substances or methods, and empower Rugby League clubs to be competent in supporting their players.


Full Support to UKAD and WADA

As a National Governing Body we comply in full with all policy and annual regulatory updates by UKAD (United Kingdom Anti-Doping) and WADA (World Anti Doping Authority) and as such our policy updates as theirs do. We accept their expertise and governance on this issue and our aims are alligned.


100% ME Anti-Doping education

WRL and the RFL are committed to the principles of drug-free sport and work with UK Sport and UKAD to regularly educate and inform players through their ‘100% ME’ campaign. It teaches them about the dangers of drugs and the consequences of taking drugs or breaching the Anti-Doping Regulations. The RFL train club staff who can provide player education both formally and informally.



According to UK Sport figures, Rugby League players were tested 508 times for prohibited substances from April 1 2008 to March 31 2009. This is the third highest of all UK major sports behind football and athletics. Approximately 628 tests were expected to have been taken from April 1 2009 to March 31 2010 and for the year 2010-2011 the RFL have requested 650 tests from UKAD.Blood testing is common within Rugby League which makes our testing programme even more effective.

Looking ahead

Report Doping in Sport

UK Anti-Doping has a 24-hour confidential phone line to support the fight against doping in sport. The phone line provides a service for athletes, support personnel, and concerned family or friends to securely pass on information to UK Anti-Doping with guaranteed anonymity.

Hosted by Crimestoppers, a dedicated team of trained operators are able to manage calls related to anti-doping. All information provided will be treated in confidence and researched and investigated by UK Anti-Doping.

If you have any information about the use, supply or trafficking of prohibited substances, or suspect someone of doping,

MAKE THE CALL , 0800 032 2332

Information can also be submitted anonymously via the Crimestoppers website at

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