A full list of Cardiff City Blue Dragons (known as Bridgend Blue Dragons in 1984-85) players from the time they ran in 1981-85 (four seasons). Welsh international players are indicated by their heritage numbers in brackets following their name, Click here for a full list of Welsh international players.

The club played all of its seasons in Division Two, now known as the Championship.

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NameMatchesTriesGoalsDrop GoalsPoints
David Alred21343098
Alan Bailey282006
Adrian Barwood953000101
David Barwood4850020
Bob Blackwood51004
Chris Bowman41004
Chris Camilleri (316)41100040
Eugene Caparros10000
Mike Chinnock2230012
Arthur Daley95130041
Tommy David (331)855500187
Geoff Davies84170052
Mike Davies1630113
Peter Donkin184000
Alan Evans151004
Steve Fenwick (330)86252323548
Bob Fley84280088
Ness Flowers (317)1230012
Glen France93009
Nigel French174000
Tony Garrity38150045
John Gilmour111004
Nick Glover152008
Adrian Goodall60000
Ken Gwilliam7740014
Lyn Hallet (334)941412842347
Bob Harris310000
Steve Hindley40000
Rod Jenkins141004
David Jones82006
Tony Karalius251003
Mike Marshall2570028
Roy Mathias (287)40000
Peter Morgan430000
Terry Nanson81120037
Mike Nicholas (290)60000
George Nicholls2850015
Dennis Nulty91003
Chris O'Brien (339)803000106
John Peat20000
Carl Pring140000
Gordon Pritchard (307)81180265
Paul Ringer (332)69130042
Peter Rowe (275)232017
Duncan Scott111003
Chris Seldon (321)5080024
Glyn Shaw (306)21004
Danny Sheehy90000
Kerry Sheehy50000
Stuart Stanton10000
Howard Thomas90000
Paul Thomas30000
Geoff Townend10000
Dave Vickers110000
Graham Walters (322)82008
Dai Watkins (268)30000
Brynmor Williams (335)2660012
Frank Wilson (264)2070021
Paul Woods (302)86152258
Trialists (AN Other)176202082
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