Wales have clubs in the RFL Wheelchair RL Leagues and have an international side.

If you want to form a Wheelchair Rugby League club, then email

Wheelchair Rugby League is unique in that it offers both disabled and non-disabled players of all genders the opportunity to compete both with and against each other on a level playing field.

The sport is unique amongst wheelchair sports in that it is not a derivative but rather is faithful to the rules of the game with tries, conversions and all the other familiar aspects of the game which makes it instantly recognisable as distinctly Rugby League.

The sport is faithful to the rules of Rugby League;

• Five players in each team score tries in exactly the same way as Rugby League
• Conversions are scored by punching the ball from a tee over mini-RL posts
• Tackles are made as in tag RL by taking the attached tag or flag
• Five tackles are followed by handing over the rugby ball to the opposition
• Offside, knock-on and in touch applies as per Rugby League

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