Adam Rowland appointed as Non-Executive Director

Wales Rugby League is pleased to welcome Adam Rowland to the Board of Directors, as a Non-Executive Director with responsibility for Governance and Strategy.

Brought up in South Wales, Adam cares deeply for both Wales and the local community, and is a passionate follower of rugby.

Adam works for Unleash and Engage, an organisation that delivers transformational change to organisations throughout Europe and across multiple sectors.

As Quality Manager, Adam’s extensive experience and knowledge of business transformation and operations, helps to develop sustainable business systems that allows organisations to achieve their strategic objectives.

He started his career within the finance sector as a futures trader working in London, before joining Tata Steel, progressing from the shop floor to leading a multi-team deployment with a focus on coaching the staff all across the UK.

He spent more than 18 years with the organisation, with his final role being a Transformational Manager, combining excellent stakeholder management with robust corporate governance, playing a significant part in helping deliver £25m benefit in value each year.

“I am really looking forward to supporting the team develop a sustainable strategy that allows rugby league to be a sport for everyone throughout our communities,” said Adam.

“Great corporate governance is the foundation of any sustainable strategy and I’m looking forward to building on what’s already in place whilst working with various stakeholders across the governing body.

“The best businesses I’ve worked in and for have a solid foundation with a systemic way of working to ensure those businesses have run responsibly. I’ve watched from afar the appointments made so far and certainly can see Wales Rugby League mean business and I want to be a part of that change.”

James Davies added: “From our recruitment process, it was clear that Adam would be a great fit with the team we are putting together.

“From discussions at Board level we are clear on our challenges – we want to create the best environment for all levels within Wales Rugby League, allowing us to work with like-minded organisations who can see the power of sport in the betterment of society.

“Only the best corporate governance will allow this as it’s the foundation to the way we want to do business at Wales Rugby League. The experience Adam’s got in stakeholder management and operational excellence, he’s yet another piece of the jigsaw we are putting together to ensure our ambition is clear and built on solid business principles.”