Curry looking forward to Masters clash in Ireland

Wales Masters captain Dafydd Curry can’t wait to lead his country out this Saturday when they travel to Dublin to take on Ireland.

Masters is strictly a social version of the sport and the rules are slightly modified to cater for players over the age of 35. There are no winners, no champions and no cup finals, and every game ends 0-0 no matter how many tries are scored. 

Curry said: “After the first leg in Cardiff, I can’t wait to take Wales Masters over to Dublin for the return. For me personally, it is an honour to be trusted as the Captain of our country.

“We anticipate a close game over there and having played Ireland first in Bethesda at the International Tri-Series in 2022, they have really improved, which was evident in Cardiff last month.

“As rugby players we never lose that competitive edge, but I remind myself that Masters is an inclusive game where social participation is at the heart of its concept.

“Some friendships have grown from these games which will no doubt continue in the streets of Dublin post-match.

“I am excited about the continued growth of masters rugby league all over the world, especially in Wales.”

Wales squad: Kyle Blake, David Castle, Craig Field, Nick Harkin, Jamie Iles, David Turner, Martyn Williams (all Cardiff Blue Dragons), Mark Andrew Jones, Andy Rees (both Chester Gladiators), Mike Hughes (Crosfields), Simon Allen, David Burns, Daf Ceiri, Dafydd Curry, John Evans, Ryan Roberts, Dylan Williams, Lee Woodworth (all North Wales Buccaneers).