The report printed in the “Final Football Edition” on the day of the game. 26/02/1910 which probably left readers wondering what the final score actually was…

Northern Union I MERTHYR V EBBW VALE N.U. Cup (First Round). Great interest was centred in the encounter today between Merthyr and Ebbw Vale, this being the first meeting between these old rivals in the Northern Union Cup competition this season. For some weeks past Northern Union football has been quiet in Merthyr owing to the home ground having been suspended by the Northern Union Committee for infringement of rules. To-day’s encounter gave promise that the old-time enthusiasm would be renewed to a great extent, meetings between these teams always producing good exhibitions and fine crowds. The weather during the morning had been anything but favourable, sunshine alternating with heavy showers of sleet and snow. Similar conditions had prevailed throughout the week, but at the time of the kick-off the weather was much more favourable. Everything considered the ground was not in a bad state, the Merthyr N.U. enclosure having wonderful powers of recovery.

Ebbw Yale came over with a large crowd of supporters, many of them wearing the colours of the club. The Valians have been doing exceedingly well up North during their last few matches, and their supporters were very confident of victory to-day. On the other hand. the Merthyr men had undergone special training for this match, and they were equally optimistic as to their prospects of a win. Teams:

Merthyr: Back, Paddison; three-quarter backs, Tarn Thomas (captain). Syd James, Ponty Thomas, and W. Read; half-backs, Rhys Rees and Harris; forwards, D. Thomas, D. B. Davies. V D. Thomas, Ted Jenkins, Bevan, and Norris.

Ebbw Vale: Back, Dai Davies; three- quarter backs, Llewellyn, Jenkins, Smith and Higgin; half-backs, Shiglo Thomas and Harvey; forwards, Foley, Thomas, Bowen, Monks, Williams, and Hichins.

Referee: Mr. Tillison (Salford).

Ebbw Vale were first to make their appearance on the field, both teams being accorded a. hearty reception. A strong wind was blowing, and Ebbw Vale won the to’s. A series of scrums characterised the opening stages, when Higgins relieved with a good kick, closely followed up by “Chick” Jenkins, but Paddison saved the situation. Shortly afterwards a rush by Ebbw Vale forwards allowed Foley to score, the goal-kick failing. A free was next awarded to Merthyr, and D. B. Davids made a good run up the field, but he was tackled with the ball in his possession. Off-side tactics were now indulged in by Ebbw Vale, And from a scrum Shiglo Thomas received and passed to Chick Jenkins, who lost the ball. Rees Rees obtained possession and found touch. The Merthyr forwards rushed down the field, but a huge kick by Jenkins saved the situation. This was replied to by Paddison, and Ponty Thomas was next prominent with a splendid run, One of the Ebbw Vale forwards was cautioned. Paddison was loudly cheered for a fine save. Ebbw Vale were doing good with the wind in their favour, but Merthyr were holding their own magnificently. A rush by the Merthyr forwards almost brought off a score, but Jenkins again saved. D. B. Davies was given the ball. but the pass went wide. Dai Davies was fouled but nothing resulted from the ensuing free kick. The same was being fought out very keenly. Llewellyn scoring a second try for Ebbw Vale. Chick Jenkins failed at the goal kick. Paddison was awkwardly thrown on to the cinders, but quickly recovered. Wyatt Reed was badly tackled in the next stage of the game which now became of an aggressive nature. Chick Jenkins next received and transferred to Llewellyn but the latter being penned in, made little progress. Dick Thomas being off-side, a free was given Merthyr. but nothing resulted. Wyatt Reed was next responsible for a good kick. D. B. Davies dribbled down the field. and W. Harris then passed to the “threes”, Tom Thomas over, but the try was disallowed. A penalty was, however. awarded Merthyr, but Tom Thomas failed with it. Merthyr were playing well, and another penalty saw the ball strike the crossbar. Shiglo Thomas was next conspicuous, and Bevan followed un-smartly.