TV coverage – USA v Wales

Ian Golden reports from Myrtle Beach, sponsored by Sporting Records Online Ltd.

Both of the Wales v USA senior international Wheelchair Rugby League matches at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina this weekend will be streamed on Twitch.

The matches form part of the inaugural The Beers of America – Adaptive Sports Festival, and fans worldwide can access the live feed at USAWhrl – Twitch.

The first match is on Friday at 7pm local time, which is midnight Friday/Saturday GMT. The second game is less than 24 hours later, taking place at 3pm local time, translating as 8pm GMT.

Friday’s match will be the first-ever competitive Wheelchair Rugby League match to take place on American soil and will be the first for the USA since their World Cup debut in November 2022.

Wales, the holders of the Celtic Cup, will be playing for the first time since defending their trophy last year.

The Wales Wheelchair Rugby League arrived safely on US soil on Monday evening and are staying in one of the top-class hotels in Myrtle Beach that look onto the sea-front.

Wales head coach Alan Caron said: “We’re delighted that both of our matches against the USA will be streamed live and free on Twitch and that we can showcase the wonderful and exciting sport of Wheelchair Rugby League to a global audience.

“The relationship between USA and ourselves goes right back to when we stayed at the same hotel in the World Cup in Sheffield in 2022. When some of the team met us at the airport yesterday, plus when we got down to breakfast today, it was like reuniting with old friends.

“We’ll be working together during the week, with coaching sessions and match officials courses, but when it gets down to the matches on the weekend, I know both teams will be going for wins.”