Wales Masters to face Ireland at Cardiff Arms Park on Saturday

There’s a festival of Masters Rugby League on Saturday at Cardiff Arms Park when a combined Cardiff Blue Dragons/North Wales Buccaneers side take on Leyland Warriors at 12.20pm before Wales face Ireland at 1.40pm. Admission is just £5.

The matches are being timed so attending fans can watch the men’s Challenge Cup Final with the players after the games.

Wales have recently completed a successful tour of Canada and are now delighted to be back on home soil for the first of the two matches in the Capital Challenge, the second of which is in Dublin on September 16.

Masters Rugby League is played by people aged 35 and over with the rules being slightly modified to cater for the older player. Historically, there have been no winners, no champions, and no cup finals and every match ends with a 0-0 scoreline, no matter how many tries are scored – Masters is all about the spirit of the game. The most important rule is: “Everyone has to buy a drink for their opposite number!”

It will be the fourth meeting between Wales and Ireland at Masters level.

Wales captain Chris Thomas said: “I’ve been very lucky in my sporting career, but leading Wales Rugby League masters as captain versus Ireland masters onto the Cardiff Arms Park pitch in front of family, friends and teammates is going to be one of the proudest moments of my life.”

Wales squad: Wayne Bridges, Gareth Moyle (both Blackpool), Kyle Blake, David Castle, Idris Evans, Russell Gardner, Jamie Iles, Julian McTavish, Lee Roberts, Chris Stiles, Chris Thomas (all Cardiff Blue Dragons), Andy Rees (Chester Gladiators), Dave Morton (Leyland Warriors), Dafydd Curry, Robert Gray-Williams, Chris Rich, Dean Wilson (all North Wales Buccaneers).

Cardiff Blue Dragons squad: Matt Addicott, Gideon Brough, Adam Davies, Simon Fry, Tony Gallager, Nick Harkin, Lee Iles, Dave Lambeth, Justin Martin, Nolan Nickin, Pete O’Sullivan, Andrew Palfrey, Norman Rees, Karl Reiholdt, Dave Turner, Martyn Williams, Scott Woodman.

North Wales Buccaneers: Simon Allen, Nigel Davies, Mark Dilworth, Gareth Roberts, Paul Roberts, Dylan Williams, Tino Williams.