Wales men’s international Rhodri Lloyd to run for Save The Children

Wales Rugby League men’s international player Rhodri Lloyd, along with other players from the WRL family, will soon be taking part in a unique world-wide charity run in support of Save The Children’s Yemen appeal.

From Wednesday 1st July 14:00 GMT until Sunday 5th July 17:00 GMT, 100 volunteers, along with guest runner, the British journalist Nawal Al-Maghafi, who will be running 100 hours to try and reach the combined goal of 1001km.

They will be running from 12 different counties, across different time zones and some running through the night all to raise awareness for the crisis and reach the £15,000 fundraising target.

Save The Children’s Yemen appeal aims to save lives due to the severity of the risk that coronavirus poses to a country where the healthcare system has collapsed due to five years of war and cholera. This is the worst humanitarian crisis in 100 years and COVID-19 has exacerbated the problem.

To complete the challenge, many volunteers will be going through the night with Lloyd taking up the 1am to 2am slot on Friday 2nd July.

Other WRL-related runners include former Aber Valley Wolves and Wales junior and Dragonhearts international Bradley Hill, who immediately follows Lloyd at 2am, plus Dan Henderson (former Cardiff Blue Dragons and Wales Dragonhearts) and James Hallett (former Aber Valley Wolves) are two others that are running.

Lloyd said: “I have chosen to take part as there is a lot of uncertainty in our world at the moment, and although we are going through a tough time in the UK, there are a lot of other countries and people who are in worse situations.

“I want to help young malnourished children suffering from COVID-19 in a country with 200 ventilators between millions as well as an ongoing civil war, as I believe that their chances of survival are very slim without help.

“I hope that the donations we raise can have an immediate impact to help buy medical equipment and medicine, and hopefully it will raise awareness of what is happening in Yemen.”

Please follow for the full schedule and updates on the events over the next few days

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