Girls Rugby League kicks off in Wales

Last Friday saw the first ever school girls rugby league game to be played in Wales.

The participants were Tre gib (Llandeilo) and Dyffryn Taf (Whitland) Schools.

The game was played under slightly modified rugby league rules, though the game proved to be of an exciting, fast flowing and hard hitting spectacle.

Tre gib came out comfortable winners, after securing a substantial lead at half time, the team from Llandeilo showed some slick passing skills, accompanied with well coordinated and aggressive defence, creating an almost steel like curtain that prevented the Dyffryn Taf girls from seeing the slightest bit of light.

The second half kicked off and so did the newly found attitude from the Dyffryn Taf girls team, their defence tightened up and their attack become more direct, resulting in two tries being scored.

Tre gib finally took control, finishing off with two good tries over a depleted Dyffryn Taf team.

The final score was Tre gib 24 Dyffryn Taf 8.

West Wales Community Coach and Dragonhearts Assistant Coach Jon Ellis described the game as having being “one of the most entertaining rugby league games and at times the most physical he has ever seen any females ever play a game in my life. This bodes really well for the future of both women’s and girl’s Rugby League in Wales.”