The report printed in the “Final Football Edition” on the day of the game. 27/02/1909 which probably left readers wondering what happened in the second half…

HUNSLET V MID-RHQNDDA Played at Parkside. The Leeds ground was a trifle hard, but the weather was beautifully fine when the teams took the field. Teams

Mid-Rhondda: Back, Wrentmore; three- quarters, J. N. Jones, Jack Rees, T. Williams. and Joe Jones; halves, Howell Rees and E. D. Rees; forwards, Matthews, Morris, F. Jones, Bevan, D. Williams, and Hughes.

Hunslet: Back, Capplelman; three-quarters, Parra, Parkinson, Royle, and Batten; halves, Smith and Ruddock; forwards, Brookes, Randall, Hickson, Walsh, Davies, and Tillotson.

Referee, Mr Priestly of Salford.

Cappleman started for Hunslet before 5,000 spectators. The home team were first to look like business, Hoyle for Hunslet taking play to the Welshmen’s half, but was well tackled by Bevan. A moment later Batten, Hunslet’s speedy threequarter, was all but over. A scrimmage followed on the Rhondda quarter-line. J. Jones secured, bringing slight relief The Welsh forwards, however, tackled well and held their own. Finally, however, Hoyle (Hunslet) picked up and passed to Batten the latter scoring a try, Cappleman improving. The Welshmen played up pluckily but gained little ground. The Goldthorpe men again became dangerous, Batten scoring his second try, Cappleman failing. This was followed by Davies dropping a goal, supplemented by a penalty goal from Cappleman. Five minutes from the interval Jack Rees scored for the visitors in a difficult position, and Ned Rees failed at goal. Halt-time score. Hunslet 12 points Mid-Rhondda 3 points.