Janet Ryder to talk about rugby league at Senedd

Janet Ryder, the Assembly Member for North Wales, will be presenting at the Senedd from 5.00pm Wednesday 23rd June in front of the whole parliament house, talking about rugby league.

The topic title is “Hope: What is hope? – well it can probably have a different definition for everyone here”.


For those of us involved in Wales Rugby League there is a shared vision to improve opportunities for people, to build better communities through the sport of rugby league. To those involved, rugby league is more than just a sport; it’s a lifestyle, a community, a dream, that drives people to give themselves wholeheartedly to a game that they can achieve in and love. It is this passion for the game where education and lifestyle improvements are forged.

Here is the link for the presentation http://www.senedd.tv/index.jsf

You should be able to view this live from 5pm on Wednesday.