Masters event to be held in North Wales

There will be a Masters Rugby League Event at Rhyl RUFC on Saturday July 27th from 11am until 2pm.

Masters Rugby League is a game for those aged 35 and over.

Rugby league’s Laws of the Game apply except for amendments made by the governing bodies. There are slight differences between the laws, but the general modifications are the same and aim to reduce the physicality of the game, with “rough and over vigorous play” not being condoned.

Masters players are divided by age, this being signified through the use of different coloured shorts. Physical contact is restricted or removed in both attack and defence for individual players based on these colours. The younger players can tackle normally, if older players are involved in the tackle it may be completed by a two-handed hold or by a touch.

No scores are kept, all games finish 0-0 and main rule is that all players must buy a drink for their opposite number.

This event is a 5-6 team mini tournament. The games will be 20 minutes each and will be two three-team pools. There will be a bar, food and hopefully a barbecue (weather permitting). Afterwards there will be a presentation in the bar with a  raffle / auction taking place. The atmosphere will be great and well worth a trip out for the whole family.

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