After no less than 32,232 votes were cast, the fans have voted for their Wales Dragonhearts Team of the Decade.

There was a lot of fierce rivalry in most of the positions, with some leads changing hands regularly.

So we thought it would be good to name a first and second XIII to honour those players who were involved in said battles. The first XIII consists of players who finished first in their position voting, the second XIII naturally consists of those who finished second.

Thank you to everyone who voted, and for your enthusiasm in sharing so others would vote to bring recognition to the community game in Wales – the most important aspect of the campaign.

Click on the links to learn more about each player. Their known Welsh community clubs are shown.


1 Grant Epton (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
2 Kevin James (Rhondda Outlaws, Valley Cougars, South Wales Hornets)
3 Gareth Howells (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
4 James Allen (Rhondda Outlaws, Valley Cougars)
5 Brett Thomas (Torfaen Tigers)
6 Ian Brooks (Bonymaen Broncos)
7 Shaun Owens (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
8 Shaun Watton (Rhondda Outlaws)
9 Matt Pancho Williams (Torfaen Tigers, Cardiff Blue Dragons)
10 Mark “Blobby” Jones (Rhondda Outlaws, Valley Cougars)
11 Ben Stelmaszek (North Wales Origin)
12 Morgan Nicholas (North Wales Origin)
13 Mike Hurley (Valley Cougars, South Wales Hornets)


1 Jonah Huntley (Rhondda Outlaws)
2 Dafydd Hellard (Valley Cougars, South Wales Hornets)
3 Liam Watton (Valley Cougars, South Wales Hornets)
4 Adam Watton (Valley Cougars, South Wales Hornets)
5 Danyl Davies (Valley Cougars, Torfaen Tigers, Aber Valley Wolves)
6 Ben Jones (Valley Cougars)
7 Shane Lee (Valley Cougars)
8 Ethan Coombes (Valley Cougars)
9 Craig Fox (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
10 Max Hendy (Rhondda Outlaws)
11 John Sanigar (Rhondda Outlaws, Valley Cougars, South Wales Hornets)
12 Craig Lewis (Valley Cougars, Newport Titans)
13 Anthony Tilley (Prestatyn & Rhyl Panthers)

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