Origin teams named for Saturday’s encounters

The sides for the East Wales v West Wales Origin matches this Saturday at Caerphilly Centre of Sporting Excellence have been announced.

The U14 match kicks off at 11am with the U16 at noon. Entry: £5 Adults, U16s free.

Please go to https://wrl.wales/boys-u14-and-u16-east-v-west-origin-on-february-12-in-ystrad-mynach for more information about the programme which has been run in conjunction with Coleg y Cymoedd.

East Wales U14s
1. Sonny Ledley (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
2. Jack Matheson (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
3. Harvey Leddington-Evans (unattached)
4. Jac Jones (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
5. Alfie Pitman (Rhondda Outlaws)
6. Finlay Walker (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
7. Jake Harries (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
8. Tobie Cribb (Aber Valley Wolves)
9. Paddy Bateman (Aber Valley Wolves)
10. Cai Atkins (unattached)
11. Sam Hallett (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
12. Charlie Bennett (unattached)
13. Tom Howe (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
14. Cerrig Day (Aber Valley Wolves)
15. Sam Kemp (Aber Valley Wolves)
16. Alex Wainwright (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
17. Connor McIlwee (unattached)
18. Dylan Shears (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
19. Kavan Phillips (Aber Valley Wolves)
20. Ashley Cleese (Torfaen Tigers)

West Wales U14s (starting team TBC – from)
Leo Bonham (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Ryan Blyth (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Corey Field (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Leland Grey (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Josh Gallivan (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Morgan Jenkins (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Oscar Jones (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Juris Kesans (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Hudson Nevin (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Albie Redpath (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Isaac Thomas (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Mason Wood (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
Jay Bramwell (Cynon Valley Cavaliers)
Ben Coomer (Cynon Valley Cavaliers)
Bailey Cutts (Cynon Valley Cavaliers)
Mason Daniels (Cynon Valley Cavaliers)
Isaac Jones (Cynon Valley Cavaliers)
Tristan Rosser (Cynon Valley Cavaliers)
Kalum Stead (Cynon Valley Cavaliers)
Cellan Allcock (unattached)
Joe Davies (unattached)
Osian Thomas (unattached)

East Wales U16s
1. Tal Watkins (Aber Valley Wolves)
2. Fin Northrop (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
3. Ethan Patterson (Aber Valley Wolves)
4. Oli Ford (Aber Valley Wolves)
5. Ethan Stebbings (Aber Valley Wolves)
6. Mason Apsee (Aber Valley Wolves)
7. Henry Parker (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
8. Zak Williams (Aber Valley Wolves)
9. Carter Pritchard (Aber Valley Wolves)
10. Lewis Jones (c) (Aber Valley Wolves)
11. Dan Barlett (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
12. Kian Godwin (Aber Valley Wolves)
13. Callum Jones (Aber Valley Wolves)
14. Harry Jago (Aber Valley Wolves)
15. Kade Woodward (Torfaen Tigers)
16. Daf Morgan (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
17. Rhodri Jones (Aber Valley Wolves)
18. Dylan Scott (Aber Valley Wolves)
19. Hudson Mathias (Aber Valley Wolves)
20. Kai Sengul (Aber Valley Wolves)
21. Evan Morse (Aber Valley Wolves)

West Wales U16s
1. Brandon Richards (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
2. Rhys Thomas (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
3. Ben Morris (c) (Swansea Stallions)
4. Jake Nottingham (Swansea Stallions)
5. Peter Richmond (Cynon Valley Cavaliers)
6. Charlie Stoddart (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
7. Leon Caviel (Aber Valley Wolves)
8. Cory Westermark (Swansea Stallions)
9. George Groves (Torfaen Tigers)
10. Jac Fuller (Swansea Stallions)
11. Ruben Ghatt (Aberavon Fighting Irish)
12. Troy Shearan (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
13. Thomas Richards (Swansea Stallions)
14. Jac Vaughn (Gwendraeth Valley Raiders)
15. Rouge Donahue (Bridgend Blue Bulls)
16. Lewi Hartland (Aber Valley Wolves)
17. Brandon Foley (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
18. Tyler Davies (Aber Valley Wolves)
19. Tomas West (Aber Valley Wolves)
20. Ellis Butler (Aber Valley Wolves)
21. Evan Rowlands (Aber Valley Wolves)