Wales Students to hold Origin day to trial for national side

Wales Rugby League are holding their first ever one-day Student Rugby League Origin Series so potential players can trial for the Welsh national side who will compete in the 2020 Four Nations.

To qualify you must be a full or part-time student anywhere in the world and be one or more of these:

  • Welsh born
  • Welsh parents or grandparents (heritage)
  • A resident in Wales for at least five consecutive years

Signing up in advance is essential. Go to

Or for questions email:

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Wales Students Origin Series Information

Location: Newport International Sports Village
Arrival: 1.45pm | Start Time: 2:30pm | Run Time: 3 Hours | Expected Finish Time: 5:30pm

Day Format:

Three-team tournament
North Wales (& Exiles) | South West Wales | South East Wales

3 x 40 minute games | 1 x Referee
1.45pm | Team registration | Preparation | 2:25pm
2:30pm | Warm up in teams
3pm | North Wales Vs South East Wales | 3:40pm
15 minute break
3:55pm | South East Wales Vs South West Wales | 4:35pm
15 minute break
4:50pm | South West Wales Vs North Wales | 5:30pm

North Wales & Exiles – Coaches: Andy Rigby and Mike Grady
South West Wales – Coaches: Chris Vitilini and Peter Tiffin
South East Wales – Coaches: Lee Goddard and David Albertelli

More info – email: