Wales release Masters squad for World Cup Festival in November

Wales have named a 23-player squad for the Masters Rugby League World Cup Festival which will be played on Sunday 13 November in York.

There are 12 potential new caps, the most prominent being Christiaan Roets, who already has 45 Wales caps to his name, 24 for the full men’s side, 12 for Wales Students and nine for Wales Dragonhearts. This will be his fifth World Cup for Wales, having played in the Student World Cups in 2008 and 2013 and the men’s World Cups in 2013 and 2017. Players are only eligible for Wales if they are active in Masters Festivals, which are held in England and Wales throughout the year.

Taking part in the one-day festival will be Australia, Canada, England, France, Ireland, Wales, with the exact format of the day yet to be announced. The games are played by those aged 35 and over, with the intention of playing great rugby with good sportsmanship on and off the field.  Masters is social rugby where the matches all end as 0-0.  Please go to for the full official rules of the game.

This will be Wales’ third international festival, having taken part in events in Leigh in 2021 and Bethesda earlier this year.

Wales Masters steering group chairman Alf Harvey said: “Wales Rugby League Masters representation has been a great success on and off the field. The two previous events, the international series at Leigh and the Tri-Nations at Bethesda have propelled Wales into the international Masters limelight as not just a competitive participant but ambassadors of the sport in Wales. 

“This selection panel has had a difficult job in putting the team together as there were so many worthy candidates from an ever-growing list. The players have been chosen according to the individual’s commitment to the sport and engagement in its growth.”

WALES SQUAD (go to for profiles): Wayne Bridges, Gareth Moyle* (both Blackpool), Kyle Blake, Craig Field*, Russell Gardner, Nicholas Harkin*, Jamie Iles, Julian McTavish, Andrew Palfrey*, Carl Rawes*, Chris Thomas (captain), David Turner* (all Cardiff Blue Dragons), Andy Rees* (Chester Gladiators), David Morton (Leyland Warriors), Simon Allen*, Rob Ashworth, Dave Burns, Daf Curry, Seth Pierce*, Christiaan Roets*, Dave Ward, Lee Woodworth (all North Wales Buccaneers), Rod Evans* (Swindon St George)

*=potential debutant