Wales Rugby League name Team of the Year

Wales Rugby League have named their Team of the Year for 2022.

We wanted to do a team of 17, but in the end, felt we needed to recognise more, so we did “an NRL style” 21-player squad release.

We also wanted to be inclusive and not just concentrate on our three elite sides, so we asked representatives of the coaching or backroom staff from six of the Wales international sides to name their three best players from 2022 using any method they liked. For Masters, we asked for a “player of the day” from each of their two events and the Dragonhearts for their player of the match from their single game.

Click on the players’ names to learn more about them…
1 Leif Thobroe (PDRL)
2 Harry Jones (Wheelchair)
3 Calum Jones (U16)
4 Jodie Boyd-Ward (Wheelchair)
5 Kyle Evans (Men)
6 Amberley Ruck (Women)
7 Llewellyn Hawkes (U19)
8 Stuart Williams (Wheelchair)
9 Jayden Grey (U16)
10 Dan Shaw (PDRL)
11 Gethin Thomas (U19)
12 Bryonie King (Women)
13 Joe Burke (Men)
14 Bailey Antrobus (Men)
15 Leanne Burnell (Women)
16 Chris Young (PDRL)
17 Billy Walkley (U19)
18 Lloyd McEwan-Peters (U16)
19 Idris Evans (Masters)
20 Lewys Walsh (Dragonhearts)
21 Dafydd Curry (Masters)