Wales Rugby League shares Sport Wales vision

Wales Rugby League has rallied behind ambitious plans for sport in Wales, which will radically change the way sporting opportunities are planned, developed and promoted across the country.

The Vision, developed by Sport Wales, outlines priorities for sport as well as the big shifts necessary in order to deliver increased participation and improved performance.

The Vision represents the ambitions of the nation’s sporting sector. It makes a strong case for sport, highlighting its valuable and unparalleled impact on individuals, communities and the nation’s international reputation.

Wales Rugby League has voiced its commitment to the cause and is contributing to the changing face of Welsh sport by working closely with Sport Wales, and its many other partners, to make sport an essential part of everyday life in Wales.

Wales Rugby League Executive Chairman Mark Rowley said: “We are giving 100% support to Sport Wales’ vision for sport in Wales. Playing sport gives youngsters a sense of belief in themselves, helps them to learn about participation and teamwork and has proven to reduce anti-social behavior as been shown by our recent Street Rugby initiatives in both North and South Wales.

“Wales is a proud sporting nation that has held many big events in the past and this is set to continue with the staging of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup amongst others. We are proud to be in partnership with Sport Wales as we share the same ideals for a strong nation of sportsmen and women.”

Sport Wales Chair Laura McAllister explains the rationale behind the vision:

“The sports sector has responsibility for delivering some important parts of the Welsh Assembly Government’s wider sport and physical activity agenda and it is only through working together that we will solve some of the challenges ahead.

“As a sector, we are ready to make an unprecedented shift in the way we deliver sport in Wales in order that we get every child hooked on sport for life and to put Wales at the top of the world’s sporting leaderboard.

“We have stated within the Vision that we want every child and young person to be able to access at least five hours of sport every week, and in order to achieve this we need not only statutory partners working together, but also all families and communities in Wales creating and facilitating sporting opportunities. We need our decision makers to champion sport not only in and around schools but making the links to community provision as well, so that five hours a week is easily accessible for all children and young people.”

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