Wales U19 team manager active in creation of COVID-19 hospitals

Wales Rugby League U19 team manager Wayne Mansell hasn’t had much time to miss rugby league in this lockdown period, as he’s been spending his time at work for OCS Group Ltd helping COVD-19 hospitals all around the country.

Mansell, who hails from Pontypridd and has previously been involved with Rhondda Outlaws, has been a vital operations support manager during these tough times.

He said: “I’ve been managing the facility services for several health boards across Wales, the west of England and East Midlands.

“We ensure that existing healthcare contracts are safe, secure and clean for all NHS staff and patients and we have now also been doing the same for several COVID field hospitals around the country.

“It’s been a massive strain in supplying additional personnel to cover the demand and service we have been asked for, whilst trying to support the staff who are putting themselves at risk every day to ensure the NHS are free from harm and risk.”

Work has been the main priority for Mansell, supporting the NHS as they treat COVID-19 patients, but he does have half an eye on the restart of rugby league with the Wales U19 side, who have a long history of producing players for the full men’s outfit.

“We only had the one session before lockdown, so we’ll have some catching up to do,” he said. “So us as a coaching team, led by head coach Anthony Walker, have maintained contact with the squad, ensuring we send the players coaching challenges to keep fit, and checking on their welfare.

“I, and the whole team, are eager and excited to get back together again, to start training and get motoring for next year’s European Championships, which will be an U20 competition, and for the future.”