Wales Wheelchair win fifth successive Celtic Cup title

Wales have won their fifth Wheelchair Rugby League Celtic Cup trophy in a row after comprehensive wins over Ireland and Scotland in Edinburgh on Saturday.

The Welsh have an unbeaten record in this tournament, which was suspended last year to Covid-19 and have now won all ten games in the five competitions.

Ireland took the runners up spot after beating Scotland 52-32 in the first game of the day.

Wales then opened their account with a 96-16 win over Ireland.

The Irish scored with the first set of the game through a Peter Johnson try that he converted himself, but from then on Wales took charge.

Andrew Higgins, who ended up with two tries and seven goals, got the scoring off to a start, followed by a Stuart Williams first half hat trick as Wales scored ten tries and nine conversions before the interval.

Early in the second half was once again all one way as Wales continued scoring tries for fun, Williams adding two more to his try tally.

Jamie Reynolds became the second youngest Wales Wheelchair international, and was also part of the first Wales father and son to play international rugby league at the same time, with his father Jason Reynolds.

Jodie Boyd-Ward also made her Welsh debut and got on the score sheet with a brace of tries.

Lucie Roberts, Alan Caron and Scott Trigg-Turner also added two tries each with Harry Jones and Gary Preece grounding once. Mark Williams knocked over seven goals.

Johnston added another try and goal for Ireland with Toby Burton-Carter also crossing.

Wales then hammered hosts Scotland 102-18. The Scots needed a 51-point win to take the trophy but that was never going to happen as a very one sided first half saw Wales score 10 tries with eight being converted. Scotland took until the 39th minute to open their account, where Calum Young scored and John Wilians converted.

There were another two hat tricks on the board during the game, with Alan Caron scoring four and Scott Trigg-Turner three.

Stephen Halsey, Stuart Williams, Harry Jones and Andrew Higgins all scored twice with Jodie Boyd-Ward, Richard Carver and Jamie Reynolds scoring once. Mason Baker also scored his first points for Wales as he successfully converted a try. Halsey scored 10 conversions and Higgins four.

Scotland ended the game very strong as they went over for two quick tries, through Connor Blackmore and Calum Young, both of which Wilians converted, and showing promising signs they can compete at the end of the year at the World Cup.

Ireland squad: Damian McCabe, Peter Johnston JR, Tom Martin, Scott Robertson, Rick Rogers, Stewart Walker, Stephen Campbell, Toby Burton Carter

Scotland squad: Siggy Ahmed, Dave Anderson, Jay Anderson, David Birtles, Connor Blackmore, Chris Calderwood, Gavin Dobson, Midge Hartley, Neil Johnson, Pete Lauder, Michael Mellon, Graeme Stewart, John Willans, Callum Young

Wales squad: Richard Carver (Argonauts), Alan Caron, Andrew Higgins, Gary Preece (all Hereford Harriers), Jodie-Ann Boyd-Ward (Leeds Rhinos), Mason Baker, Stephen Halsey, Harry Jones, Lucie Roberts, Scott Trigg-Turner, Gary Taylor, Mark Williams, Stuart Williams (all North Wales Crusaders), Jamie Reynolds, Jason Reynolds (both West Wales Raiders).