WRL continue to run successful online courses during lockdown

Wales Rugby League have continued to be active during this lockdown period by running a number of online courses for their members.

WRL held their own “Mental Health Week” from October 26-31 with the “Rugby League Cares” charity hosting two online Zoom meetings – “Managing Emotions” hosted by Keith Senior and Paul Wood, and “Challenging Negative thoughts” hosted by Keith Senior, Shaun Lunt and Kevin Larroyer. The 30 representatives from Wales’ male, female and wheelchair sides all found the evenings helpful.

In addition, two courses are taking place every week throughout October and November for potential coaches and match officials in North Wales

WRL Head of Match Officials, James Jones has been running an online theory WRL/RLEF Level 1 Match Officials Course, plus WRL Coach Educator Mark Jones and RLEF Coach Educator, Martin Crick, have been doing a WRL/RLEF Level 1 Coaching Certificate course. Twelve males and three females have signed up and are participating on each.

Mark Jones said: “I am very proud of how proactive WRL have been in these strange times. We are fully aware how national lockdowns have a detrimental effect on a persons mental health.

“I would like to thank the Keith, Paul, Shaun and Kevin from Rugby League Cares for their outstanding workshops – our members found them very rewarding.

“This month has also seen us run our first online coaching theory course. This has also been a great success and we will role this out throughout Wales in 2020 in collaboration with the match officials course. I would like to think we at WRL are turning the negatives of lockdown into positive experiences.”

Wales Rugby League CEO Gareth Kear said: “I am pleased how as governing body we have adapted to Covid-19 by running more online courses. For me, positive mental health is key to getting through this pandemic. A huge debt of thanks go to Emma Goldsmith who has been brilliant supporting WRL with these meetings and of course to Mark Jones and James Jones who both continue to do sterling work in raising the standards for Rugby League in Wales.”