WRL looking after the welfare of all their personnel during lockdown

Wales Rugby League have pledged to look after the welfare of all personnel from their domestic clubs and international sides during this lockdown period, and are constantly communicating to all, primarily via WhatsApp groups and Zoom webinars.

Spearheaded by CEO Gareth Kear, WRL are driving this through all pathways, looking after the well-being of players by giving them fitness and nutrition plans tailored for COVID-19. They are also looking after all non-players who are part of the Wales Rugby League community such as, but not limited to coaches, administrators, volunteers, parents and guardians.

Kear said: “We’re making sure everyone is being looked after. We’ve put out messages onto every group reaching out and saying that we’re here for a chat or anything else, and I’ve been happy to speak to a few people this week.

“The most important challenge while we’re in lockdown is safeguarding. This applies to all juniors and adults (and not just vulnerable adults).

“We have introduced a hardship fund for each pathway, and as charity starts at home, we’ve asked everyone to be on the look-out for any red flags such as families struggling for money and food.

“We’ve also signposted everyone to State of Mind, Big White Wall, NHS, Samaritans, The Calm Zone and Rugby League Cares, in case people don’t feel like talking to friends, family or team-mates, as any communication these organisations have will be anonymous.

“But I’m always available to text, message or call. In a crisis, we look after each other, and that’s one of the good things about rugby league. We’re all in this together.”

Please email gareth.kear@walesrugbyleague.co.uk if you need to speak to him, or you can contact the following organisations…







PIC: Tracey Lintern