Cardiff Blue Dragons to stage Masters RL this Sunday

Masters Rugby League returns to South Wales after a three-year absence this Sunday when the Cardiff Blue Dragons Masters (also known as the Discombobulated Dragons) take on Great Britain Masters.
at Glamorgan Wanderers RFC (kick-off 3pm).

This version of rugby league is strictly social and played by those aged 35 and over. The rules are slightly modified to cater for the older player.

Those aged 35-39 wear white shorts and 40-49 where black. They tend to tackle each other normally. Players aged 50-59 where red shorts. They must be physically stopped and held. Finally gold short wearers aged 60 plus, are tagged instead of tackled.

There are no winners, no champions and no cup finals – Masters is about is all about the spirit of the game and the most important rule is: “everyone has to buy a drink for their opposite number!”

Cardiff’s coach is Chris Thomas, who is a Great Britain masters international and the players he’s selected are from all over South East Wales.

He said: “It’s great to get a Masters team up and running in South Wales to show everyone just how much fun this form of rugby league is. The game starts at 0-0 and finishes at 0-0 meaning it’s all about the fun and new friends you make. Not to mention we raise some money for charity.”

This year already the Discombobulated Dragons have raised £500 for worthy charities and they plan to do more.

Cardiff have 14 players confirmed for Sunday so far but will welcome more. For those who want to be involved, please call Chris a call on 07878 602787 or email

CARDIFF BLUE DRAGONS SQUAD SO FAR: Dave Harris, David Castle, Steve Harris, Marc Devine, Jamie Iles (all white), Nobby Styles, Chris Thomas, Idris Evans, Shaun Gustard (all black), Russell Gardner, Alf Harvey, Neil Williams, Andy Harris-Jones (all red), Andrew Wallace (gold).