Jonathan Davies and West Wales Raiders congratulate local rugby union player

Both West Wales Raiders and dual code rugby international Jonathan Davies have congratulated Trimsaran rugby union player Ioan Jones on reaching 600 appearances for his club.

The player, known locally and online as “Yogi Bach” will hit the magic number at their away match this Saturday.

West Wales Raiders chairman Peter Tiffin, who is also in charge of development at Wales Rugby League is from Trimsaran and is a former player and coach at the club. A number of Trimsaran players have played rugby league in the community game, but Jonathan Davies is still the village’s favourite son.

Tiffin believes the barriers between union and league and getting smaller all the time and he was delighted to send his best wishes to Jones for this Saturday’s match.

“Each week, everyone always asks me how everything is going in the world of rugby league and it shows what a special village it is with plenty of support for all sports,” he said.

Yogi is his current Twitter profile picture.

“People like Jonathan Davies and Yogi Bach are legends of the village in what they have gone and done. In all the times I and other members of WRL have spoken to Jonathan, he is also keen to know what is going on in the world of rugby league. It’s always a pleasure to update him.

“Growing up in Trimsaran, everyone knew and talked about Jonathan and every youngster in the area wanted to follow in his footsteps. As I grew older it wasn’t until then that I realised how much he had achieved in both codes of the game. I started and finished playing rugby at Trimsaran and am still involved with the club now, it’s a part of me it’s where I live.

“The club have hosted West Wales Raiders and Llanelli Knights matches in the past so they’ve always been welcoming to rugby league. That’s why I had no hesitation in publicly congratulating Yogi on an outstanding achievement of 600 games for Trimsaran following this Saturday.”