Wales Dragonhearts name 27-man squad for autumn games

Wales Dragonhearts head coach Ian Newbury has named a 27-man squad for their four-match autumn series, which starts with a home game against South of England Lionhearts at The Gnoll in Neath on Saturday 26th October.

The Dragonhearts then go on to face Lithuania on Sunday 10th November at Cardiff Arms Park, England Lions U23 on Saturday 16th November at Leigh Miners Rangers, and Malta Knights on Saturday 23rd November at Morganstone Brewery Field in Bridgend.

There are potentially 14 new Dragonhearts players as Newbury goes for an almost completely new line-up compared to 2018 with just seven from last year’s tour to Serbia keeping their place. Gareth Howells, who last played for Dragonhearts in 2012, is the player who’s been away for longest.

Players were selected from the recent Origin series that was won by East Wales, who therefore dominate the line-up. North Wales Origin took second place after being West 44-24 in Neath on Sunday, and one of their scorers Morgan Nicholas (pictured), who is the son of former Wales international and now WRL President Mike Nicholas, has been selected for his potential first Dragonhearts cap.

Newbury said: “The squad has been selected on the basis of how the players have stepped up during the recent Origin series. There’s been minimal contact hours for the coaches, so it’s been hard at times. I’ve also tried to get around the country throughout the season to watch as much as I can.

“One of the big things for me has been commitment, so where players have shown that, and are up to the level, then they have been rewarded.”

Series tickets for Wales Dragonhearts matches, plus individual for the first match, which is a double header with Wales Women v Great Britain Teachers can be bought at



Name (Club, Region, if applicable Dragonhearts apps, tries, goals)

Wesley Cunliffe (Torfaen Tigers, East Wales)

Byron Edwards (Torfaen Tigers, East Wales)

Kurtis Haille (Torfaen Tigers, East Wales, 1)

Grant Harrington (Torfaen Tigers, East Wales)

Corey Harris (Bridgend Blue Bulls, West Wales)

Geoffrey Hick (Torfaen Tigers, East Wales)

Dean Higgs (Valley Cougars, East Wales, 3, 2t)

Jarad Hinnem (Torfaen Tigers, East Wales, 1, 1t)

Gareth Howells (Bridgend Blue Bulls, West Wales, 9, 5t, 13g)

Jonah Huntley (Rhondda Outlaws, West Wales)

Mike Hurley (Valley Cougars, East Wales, 7, 17g)

Ben Jones (Valley Cougars, West Wales, 3, 1t)

Shane Lee (Valley Cougars, West Wales, 5)

Craig Lewis (Valley Cougars, East Wales, 2, 2t)

Tom Matthews (Torfaen Tigers, East Wales)

Will Mills (North Wales Crusaders A, North Wales Origin)

Darrel Moyle (Torfaen Tigers, East Wales, 3)

Morgan Nicholas (Latchford Albion, North Wales Origin)

Luca Owen-Youens (North Wales Crusaders A, North Wales Origin)

Samuel Pridgeon (Valley Cougars, West Wales, 3, 2t)

Luke Royal (Torfaen Tigers, East Wales)

Liam Silver (Torfaen Tigers, East Wales)

Ben Stelmaszek (Thatto Heath Crusaders, North Wales Origin, 4, 3t)

Adam Watton (Valley Cougars, East Wales, 3)

Liam Watton (Valley Cougars, East Wales, 3, 1t)

Shaun Watton (Rhondda Outlaws, East Wales)

Paul Welch (North Wales Crusaders A, North Wales Origin)