Growth in Europe pleases WRL

A recently published map by George Stilianos of the Hellenic Federation of RL highlighting all the clubs in the Rugby League European Federation shows how the sport has taken huge steps forward in recent years.

WRL Chief Operating Officer Chris Thair, said: “It is truly heart warming to see so many clubs on the map and the RFL, RLEF and RLIF should be congratulated for their tremendous support towards rugby league’s growth in Europe and beyond.

“Their financial resource and expertise has certainly helped to accelerate this growth, which has been underpinned by the fantastic volunteers in each respective nation. Wales Rugby League has continued to play its small part towards international expansion by mentoring the federations in Denmark and Germany, sending over staff to Sierra Leone for the last two years and being full members of the RLIF and RLEF.

“Wales itself is a tremendous success story and has grown beyond all recognition since the turn of the Millennia. Long may it continue!”

To view the map in full, please click here.